Monday, August 16, 2004

Tort Reform

When you hear the words "Tort Reform," what most often springs to mind is the need to change our legal system to prevent "frivolous" law suits. You've heard dozens of what are largely made-up or over- simplified legal horror stories that illustrate how our legal system is rife with stupid or overly sympathetic juries willing to hand over multi-million dollars in awards to stupid people. What you rarely, if ever, hear of is the abuse of our legal system by corporate defense lawyers. This FindLaw article addresses one aspect of that side of the story.
One of the things the writer, Trevor Morrison, discusses, is the legal strategy employed by corporations with very deep legal pockets of employing stalling and diversionary tactics to exhaust plaintiff's resources.
I have written before here that I welcome an honest and open debate on the topic of legal reform. Articles like this, hidden though it is, help contribute something from the side of that debate that is usually overlooked.
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