Tuesday, November 16, 2004

End Selective Service Registration

At my old blog site, I had several posts about the draft, including one encouraging people to contact their representatives in the house urging them to support HR 4746, which if passed will end selective service registration. The bill was sponsored by Major R. Owens of New York and has been co-sponsored by ten other representatives, including Dennis Kucinich, Barbara Lee, and my own representative, Lynn Woolsey. I'm renewing that request now.

We heard throughout the election and have continued to hear since that Bush and Rumsfeld have no desire or plan to reinstitute a draft. And yet they are exhausting all their alternatives, from issuing stop-loss orders extending the service of those already in uniform, to recalling the ready reserve, to sending training units into the war zone. When they have run out of those young (and sometimes middle-aged) people willing to volunteer while the need for more young people continues to grow, the point will be reached when the draft is the last option. Our young are our most precious option. They represent the future of our nation and I simply don't trust the people running this country and its military to suddenly develop a sense of responsibility.

Please, locate your Representative and contact him or her, urging them to support HR 4746. The threat of a draft will not go away until the means to implement it does.
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