Thursday, December 16, 2004

BarBarians Reunite

Tonight was the second meeting of the Bay Area Bloggers and Reader. Any significance that may have been attached to this event was drowned hours ago, leaving a foggy residual memory of engaging conversation and tasty calamari. I must thank Richard, of Scaramouche for organizing this get together at Ben and Nick's Bar and Grill on College in Oakland, a fine establishment serving beer, calamari, and I'm sure other things since some indeterminate date in the not-too-distant past. Appearing tonight for the first time in public was Andrew of Scamboogah(it's his site; let him explain the name) and, well, the King of Zembla. That's the name of the blog, not its author. He has a name, and he told it to me, I know he did, and I told him, "no, don't tell me, write it down, please (I think I told him that)," but did he?, no he didn't and here am I with the name of a blog but not its author, the name hiding in one of those dark corners of my cerebral cortex (if, in fact, I still have one). It may come out of hiding some time soon, but I doubt it. There are things that have been hiding there, out of my reach, for years now and I am no closer to grasping them now, probably farther away, if you must know, than I was when they first slipped the bonds of memory. That's where the king's name is now, dancing among the columns with Fermat's enigma, I just know it.

But I digress.

Most of those there at the first Barbarian get together in October were there again tonight. You know who you are and you'll be writing about it on your own blogs tomorrow. Also, our faithful and cherished reader, Ryan, showed up. Ryan, inexplicably, STILL HAS NO BLOG OF HIS OWN, even though setting one up is child's play (for christ's sake, even I have one (two, if you must know (you like the way I ever-so-not-subtly made a reference to my older and better material(better once you get past the gratuitous cat pictures. Who among us does not have gratuitous cat pictures in our past?)))? Look, soon, for Ryan's blog, The Token Reader.

Finally, we missed Pete, of The Dark Window. Our thoughts are with you Pete, and we hope you are well.

Anyway, it's late, and if you hadn't noticed, I need sleep. So, goodnight.
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