Thursday, December 02, 2004

Crazy Jesus Lady at Work

Peggy Noonan, explaining the reasons she thinks the press latched on to Watergate
"Because it was good for business. Because it drove up "Evening News" numbers. Because there was blood in the air. Because Watergate seemed to illustrate what reporters knew, just knew, was the secret truth residing in Richard Nixon's dark heart: a desire for enemies lists and break-ins and IRS reviews. Because it built up reporters as white knights, and reporters really didn't mind being seen as white knights. Because it was exciting, and black and white. The good guys were Democrats, investigators, special counsels and journalists looking for The Truth. The bad: Nixon, Republicans, anyone who worked for Nixon except a good source, Charles Colson, then a wild man, and G. Gordon Liddy, a wild man to this day."
Apparently to this day it cannot penetrate Noonan's shield that it may have been because Watergate revealed Nixon to be a corrupt man who used the Federal government for his own venal ends and that Nixon and his men really were the bad guys.
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