Sunday, March 06, 2005

New Blog in Town

Courtesy of the gallant Scaramouche, we have a new Bay Area Blog, in fact, the mother of all Bay Area Blogs, the Barbarian Blog (Woo hoo!!!). The list of (potential) contributors is a veritable who's who of Bay Area Bloggers (well, at least among those of us who occasionally gather together to drink and play "pull my finger").

Speaking of which, the first entry on this new blog announces the next such soiree, this Thursday from roughly 6 to around 9 at the Pacific Coast Brewing Company(a rare digression - I happen to like brewing companies; my second wedding was in a now defunct Sebastopol brewery (my second marriage is also now defuct)). As usual, all bay area bloggers and readers (that would be you) are invited.
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