Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Death and Texas...er, Taxes

Via Julia Saltman at Political Animal we find this Eat the Rich entry at MaxSpeak, offering a simple primer on the estate and gift tax, or as the mouth breathers refer to it, the "death tax."

The sixth item in the post doesn't deal directly with the estate tax, but does address one of the purported concerns of its opponents: the possibility that government action might force somebody to lose its family farm. In the case highlighted in the post, the government action wasn't taxation as an estate changed hands; it was eminent domain action that secured the land occupied by a chicken farm so that a baseball stadium could be built near a certain Texas metropolis, greatly benefitting the owners of the team that would be playing in that stadium. The construction of this stadium, corporate welfare writ large, largely established the fortune of the residents of the White House. Details here.
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