Sunday, June 12, 2005

Health Savings Accounts

In one of a series of articles carried in today's Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Mark Downing, an insurance broker discussing Health Savings Accounts, had this to say,
"It will be tough sell for companies because it is a health insurance plan; it is not a health care-providing plan. But the reality is that if you can afford $50,000 for an SUV, don't come whimpering about a $3,000 medical bill that saves your life."
Well, I see. To an extent, I agree with that sentiment, but I wonder how relevant it is to the problem. I'm not sure how many people driving $50,000 SUVs are fighting for medical insurance right now, though. I wonder how many of those who are struggling without insurance or with insufficient insurance can afford $3000 in medical bills in a year (in addition to their premiums). And I gotta wonder why anybody would take their business to this mook, with that attitude, in the first place.
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