Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Additional Flight Notions

Two more travel related items:

When they bounced us from the flight out of LaGuardia on Saturday, Delta said it was because the heat had caused the airplane fuel to expand, making it heavier, so they had to lighten the cargo and passenger load. Now, I don't claim to be wise in the ways of science, but it seems to me that if the airplane fuel had expanded the fuel that would fit in the tanks would be lighter. Does this make any sense?

Item dos: When we went through security at the Atlanta airport Sunday morning, we found out that the airline had designated us for additional screening. Although this was pretty aggravating, since we were already running through the airport trying to catch our flight, it also made sense, since we'd shown up late at the ticket counter (only 40 minutes before the scheduled flight time) and had only our carry-on luggage. Although I remain skeptical that any actual terrorists will ever be caught in the screening process, it was nice to see that there was an actual reason for singling us out (at least there was if my speculation is correct).
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