Friday, September 23, 2005

Who's The Idiot?

Atrios links to this piece by Chris Crain at and suggests that Mr. Crain is quite possibly the stupidest man in America, without any further elaboration, implying that Mr. Crain's stupidity should be evident by his piece. I don't get it, though. What Mr. Crain writes about is the need for the gay community to listen to the voices of the minorities within it, specifically gay conservatives, more specifically Jeff Gannon. Mr. Crain states that you don't have to agree with what these people say to respect their right to say these things, and that it might be useful to listen to them explain why, for instance, a gay man would support a Republican President. He goes on to state that it's antithetical for the 4% to 10% of gay Americans to demand acceptance and equality from straight America if they won't even give a hearing to the 1/4 of them who voted for the President.

It's not a simplistic piece that he's written and it deserves more than the simplistic brush off Atrios gave it. One of the problems with Atrios is his willingness, perhaps eagerness to paint so many things as black or white. When he's in this mode he's not much different from those he most vehemently attacks.
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