Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Yeah, I think we can all just get along

Writing about the handgun ban voters passed in San Francisco yesterday, Michelle Malkin links to some mook named Neal Boortz who says,
"It is particularly amazing that 58% of the San Francisco voters would support this foolish measure after New Orleans. San Francisco faces the prospect of a natural disaster far worse than Katrina. Do the people of San Francisco think that the criminal element will just stay home and behave after the earthquake hits? There will be no violence? No looting?"
By an odd coincidence, a friend and I were talking on the phone last night about the 1989 quake and the way people responded to it. There were people in San Francisco pitching in to put out fires and people in Oakland climbing up to the freeway to free people from the collapsed Cyprus structure. Despite the obvious diversion for police created by the fire and the power being out throughout much of the Peninsula, I don't recall hearing of any looting, either in San Francisco, Santa Cruz, which was devastated, or any of the other communities struck by the quake. Is my memory faulty? Did I miss something? And even if there was no looting the last time, will that be significant for the next time?
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