Saturday, March 11, 2006

Musical Meme

I'm not sure why I read her blog, or she reads mine, but from The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns comes a simple meme, "list seven songs you are into right now." Easy enough, eh?

1. Suddenly I see - KT Tunstall
2. Scuttlebuttin' - Stevie Ray Vaughn
3. Bolero Sonambulo - Ry Cooder and Manuel Galban
4. Heart of Mine - Peter Malick Group featuring Norah Jones
5. Who Were You Thinkin' of? - Texas Tornados
6. Why Should I Care? - Diana Krall
7. If Loving You is Wrong - Cassandra Wilson

I just want to add that K.T. Tunstall at Slim's a few weeks ago was one of the most engaging performers I've seen in awhile (on a scale that ranges from The Cars, who were mannequins with instruments, to Peter Wolf, who bounced, dipped, spun, and acted like he owned the stadium, she was a lower energy but more charming Wolf). With a strong supple voice, a charming Scottish accent, and an easy patter between songs, she easily captivated a mixed age crowd. Buy the CD, but mostly go see her if you get the chance.
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