Thursday, October 19, 2006

Another Baseball Entry

Despite the fact that I've never heard of most of the pitchers, I've got no complaint with the Cards-Mets series. It's one of those series where I like players on both teams and wouldn't be unhappy regardless of who won. There's one thing I have to get off my chest about last night's game, though, and it's more about the Fox nitwits than the players.

With Reyes on first the batter hits the ball straight up the middle. I mean straight, directly at second base. Eckstein sees where the ball is going and positions himself on second. When the ball gets to him he's got at least a force of the swift lead runner and possibly a chance at a double play. Then Belliard cuts in front of him to catch the ball, his momentum takes him well past second, he has no chance for the lead runner, to say nothing of a double play, and has to make a long awkward throw just to get the runner at first. He made a needlessly spectacular, even stupid play to get one out, of the back runner, and the Fox boys can't praise him enough. Finally, after a half dozen replays, the lesser idiot, Buck (lesser only because McCarver's is the Everest of idiocy), notes that Eckstein was in position to make the play, though Belliard couldn't see him. That's all they had to say about Eckstein on that play.

It all turned out to be inconsequential, as Reyes never scored, but jeez, what a couple of maroons.
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