Monday, August 16, 2004

Let the Big Dog Off the Porch

Bill Clinton was on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight, responding reasonably and eloquently, but passionately, to Stewart's leading questions about the tone of the campaign the Republicans and their surrogates are running against Kerry, comparing it, as many others have, to the campaigns run against McCain in 2000 and Max Cleland in 2002. Clinton's main point was that when the nasties bring out their gutter attacks you have to respond point-by-point and show them up as the low life political scum they are.

The thing is, with his grasp of policy, his personal charm, and the way he manages to respond forcefully without appearing to actually be mad, Clinton is probably the best we have at countering the kind of campaign that is being run by Bush, Cheney, and all the other slithering little republican operatives. He can speak their language while remaning above them. I understand the reticence of the Kerry Campaign to let him loose upon the land. Clinton will always remain a polarizing figure. The way I see it, though, there is nobody out there that Clinton will offend who isn't already opposed to Kerry. There are a great many middle of the road voters, however, who will fondly remember the economic prosperity of the nineties and will respond to what Clinton has to offer. I think we have to take the leash off him.
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