Monday, December 20, 2004

The spy sea with the blog whose town is new:

From English to Japanese and back again (in Italic)...
I have been severely neglecting this blog lately. Truthfully, I've been cheating on Some Fruits Are Spicy with a new blog in town: But really, folks, I had been cheating on SFS for at least a month with both and Yes, it is true.
I recently had neglected this blog harshly. Honestly, I had done illegality with several fruits, it is the spy sea with the blog whose town is new: Http: // But really, the people, I at least did illegality with the January between SFS, with, both, the http: // and http: // It is, that is truth.
Have I mentioned that Pete of the Dark Window had a dream in which I told a train conductor that Pete wouldn't be needing his suitcase off the train because from here on out we were going to live on love alone?

It frightened me, too.

The sad thing is that I really wanted it to be Zach Braff dreaming of me. Alas, no.
As for me, the peat of the dark window, the peat will not need that suitcase from the train, to say you looked at the dream which I convey to the conductor of the train increase it is high, because, from here outside, as for us, in regard to love it was the intention of living with 1 person?

Me and it made that fear.

Sad thing, is that to want me making the ザカリア Braff which dreams of me truly? B at all without alary projection.
Oh my god, I forgot to call Revaz back two nights ago.

In any case, I have been working on a few things and trying to stick to some sort of a schedule. This is a very new thing for me.
My God, I neglected the fact that the Revaz is recalled in two last night.

In case of what kind of, I had been about will process small-numbered ones, to persist in schedule of a certain kind. This does with very new forcing ones because of me.
Thing 1: Having never been very good at school (I didn't pay attention and I didn't do my homework), I have decided to teach myself...something. I am starting my re-education with U.S. History. All my friends think I am a total freak because I have rented The History Channel's Founding Fathers Vol. I, which I take notes on as it plays, and am reading both an old History book from college (ha ha) and Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States ( I am not a geek, but I do hope to become one someday.
Thing 1: (I did not pay attention in the school, in addition, because I did not do the assignment) excessively was not good, I decided that it educates independently. I have begun re-education in the American history. My friend being to borrow everyone and the historical channel, thinks I am the total of abnormality, it is the founder, the Vol. I and me take that, assuming note, at on, that does, in addition the university () and the historical book where is old from the Howard Zinn so reads the both which are, race America (the http: // staff /obidos/tg/detail/-/0060926430/002-4186185-3519261? V= glance) history. I am not mania. But, I desire the fact that once upon a time it becomes 1.
And so it continues, concluding with...
And in case you thought I didn't notice:
To the one person who actually reads this blog, I am sorry I have been neglecting you. Really I am
In addition, unless I become aware, being careful, you thought:
Having neglected you for 1 person who reads this blog in actuality, I am regrettable. Actually, I so am.
Recalled in two, indeed. (Apologies to Tomato, but this was too funny.)
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