Friday, January 07, 2005

Inauguration Prayer

Although I don't mind that somebody is suing to bar the saying of a prayer at Bush's inauguration (I'm not offended by the prayer either. Bush's view's on religion are no secret and a prayer on his behalf isn't going to offend me any more than anything else done by him or on his behalf), I wish it were somebody other than Micheal Newdow, of the "Pledge of Allegiance" suit fame. He seems to have become something of a professional atheist and I'm not sure it does him or atheists in general any good for him to be a de facto spokesman for this. Contrary to what the fundies seem to think, atheists aren't organized; we don't go to churches of non-believers or hold secret meetings where we plan to subvert Christianity. We mostly just go about our business in a world largely unaware of who we are among them. I kind of like it that way. Newdow is blowing my gig.
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