Thursday, January 06, 2005

Or Maybe Not, Ollie

Oliver Stone believes that his epic "Alexander" died at the box office because of homophobia. According to Ollie, "Americans don't read about ancient history like the Europeans. And in America there is a raging fundamentalism and morality. From day one the Bible Belt people did not show up because there was one phrase throughout the media and that was 'Alex the gay.'"

I suppose it's true that some people stayed away because of that. I didn't see the movie myself, and I was heavily influenced in my decision to spend my money elsewhere by opinions of the movie such as this one, from Generik "Alexander was just about the biggest pile of wet, steaming, bloody diarrhea that either of us had seen in years. I mean, I like a good sword and sandal epic as much as the next guy (providing the next guy also grew up laughing at badly-dubbed Hercules movies, of course) -- I saw Troy a while back and enjoyed it -- but this... this fetid crock of fermented fecal matter was something else entirely." And then he started getting mean.

So, Ollie, if may just be that the movie tanked because it, you know, sucked.
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