Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Who are we to Judge Fashion?

From Yahoo comes the story of a young southern maiden coldheartedly denied the opportunity to wear a prom dress "celebrating her heritage." Jacqueline Duty of Lexington, Ky, was kicked out of her senior prom last spring for wearing a dress styled as a large Confederate Battle Flag. Poor Ms. Duty, according to her lawyer Earl-Ray Neal (I just had to work that name in here), had "her only dance for her senior prom on the sidewalk to a song playing on the radio."

Not being a fan of speech codes and thinking a little offensiveness can stimulate passionate discussion, I think she should have been allowed into the dance. If she's proud of a heritage of racism, treason, and proud subjugation of other people based on their skin color, who are we to tell her she's out of line? Perhaps her peers could have done that for us.

I wonder if we may not have seen the last of Ms. Duty. With her combination of moxie and witlessness, plus being a college student, could we be looking at the next Mrs. Mike Adams?
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