Monday, March 07, 2005

No Missile Umbrella for Canada

I find it impossible to understand how any serious commenter can get upset about Canada declining to join us in developing and deploying our missile defense system. It doesn’t work, it never has passed a meaningful test, and it probably, based on its development track record, never will work. Why would another country want to sign on to that boondoggle?

With that in mind, outgoing US Ambassador to Canada Paul Celluci’s remarks to CTV are just comical. Canada’s non-participation will be it’s loss, according to Celluci, because “they will not have a seat at the table.”

"We have this odd situation where the Canadians will participate at NORAD, detecting when the missile is launched, determining where it's heading, and even if they determine it's heading towards Canada, it's at that point they will have to leave the room, because they're not participating.

"In the United States we'll decide what to do about the missile."

Now I may be naïve and ignorant, but I don’t suspect there’s too great a risk of a missile being launched at Canada and I doubt too many Canadians are losing sleep over the prospect. Even if that were a likely possibility, though, what the hell difference would this missile defense system make, anyway? The US will decide what to do about the missile? As in, do nothing or launch a missile against the incoming missile that won’t hit it anyway? Yeah, that’s a decision the Canadians are going to be busted up over missing out on.
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