Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Wow ! Michael Jackson Acquitted

It happened just yesterday, and already it's on the front page (top headline!) of the newspaper. With a separate analysis, an editorial and an op-ed piece. All in the same day! And yes, just a day after it happened. Isn't a free press remarkable?

Imagine how the press would cover something really important, say the discovery of a British Government memo suggesting the Bush Administration, months before going to Congress or the UN to lay out a case for waging war (at which time we were assured the Bush Administration had pursued every option short of war) was set on going to war with Iraq and needed to "fix" the intelligence to justify it and another memo addressing the need of the British to make such a war look legal. There would probably have to be a whole special section to cover something of that gravity.

To be serious for a moment, it's not as though the war in Iraq is a life and death matter, or even that it personally affects many Americans. Or even that, at the time the war started, there was any evidence to the press that this was something people cared about.

We bloggers really ought to mind our own business and trust the judgment of the news professionals.
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