Friday, July 08, 2005

Conservatives and Evolution

Over at Hullabaloo, leading conservatives comment on their feelings on evolution and "intelligent design." It's a pretty mixed bag of responses, with fewer than I would have expected outright rejecting evolution and embracing ID. Most in fact, kind of weasel their way out of the ID question by saying they just don't know much about it. David Brooks was fairly typical in his response, "I've never really studied the issue or learned much about ID, so I'm afraid I couldn't add anything intelligent to the discussion." If only he would apply that standard to other topics he rights about.

To my surprise, among the most clearheaded responses was from Krauthammer, who said of whether he believes in evolution, "of course," of what he thinks of intelligent design,"At most, interesting," and on whether ID should be taught in schools, "The idea that [intelligent design] should be taught as a competing theory to evolution is ridiculous. ... The entire structure of modern biology, and every branch of it [is] built around evolution and to teach anything but evolution would be a tremendous disservice to scientific education. If you wanna have one lecture at the end of your year on evolutionary biology, on intelligent design as a way to understand evolution, that's fine. But the idea that there are these two competing scientific schools is ridiculous." Wow. Apparently Dr. Quackenstein has some integrity left, after all. Who knew?
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