Monday, October 03, 2005

Harriet Miers? She's Hackalicious!

All over the internet, people are scratching their heads over Bush's nomination of Harriet Miers to replace O'Connor on the Supreme Court, kind of a collective WTF, mate? Everybody has their own theory. For what it's worth (and my guess is, it's worth less than the traditional 2 cents), here's mine.

From what little I know of her, and I know precious little, never having even heard of her before this morning, Miers is non-exceptional in everything but her devotion to and admiration of George Bush (she thinks he's brilliant). There's nothing, in other words, to distinguish her from most Bush appointees. She is not exceptional in her field, she is not exceptionally (perhaps not even marginally) qualified for the job she's been appointed to, but she loves da man. From all that Bush has shown us over the years, there is nothing he values more than blind unquestioning loyalty to his royal self. Nothing else matters. Not even the relative importance of the job the person is being appointed to. It's all the same to George. Aside from that, having that Aunt-Selma-from-the-Trailer-Park look, Miers may appeal to the same kind of people who think Bush would be a good guy to have a drink with (if he weren't such a pious prick, that is).

Update: Via Qubit, there's already a Harriet Miers blog. Teh funny.
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