Saturday, December 31, 2005

General Gonzalez Reporting for Duty, Sir

Well, we knew this was coming; the only surprise is that it took this long. Abu Gonzales's Justice Department has announced that it had opened an investigation into the leaking of President Bush's illegal program of spying on Americans. According to a White House spokesman, the Justice Department undertook this investigation on its own, without any pressure from the White House. I wonder if someday that spokesman, Trent Duffy, will look back on the apex of his career, being a mouthpiece for the Bush White House, and reflect on the complete absence of credibility he has merely by virtue of speaking for Bush.

Regardless, I wonder why they think it important to emphasize this. Whether the investigation has been launched because Gonzales is a White House puppet or a well programmed servant in irrelevant. Their aim is off; the Justice Department should be investigating who authorized the illegal wiretaps.

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