Thursday, December 01, 2005

Three Dots...

A couple weeks ago, when we were having a hot spell in mid-November, a woman went into a shop in Healdsburg to get some ice cream to help her cool off. While waiting to buy her ice cream she spotted Robert Redford in the shop. We're cool people up here in the wine country, we don't let celebrity spottings fluster us, so the woman just went about her business, didn't disturb the star, paid for her ice cream, and left. Outside, as she was walking to her car, she realized she didn't have her ice cream. She returned to the shop and told the man at the counter that she'd just bought some ice cream but had forgot to take it with her. That's when Robert Redford spoke up, telling her, "no you didn't; you put it in your purse."

Update: Perhaps I've been had on this one; Snopes would suggest that this is the case.
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