Saturday, January 21, 2006

Ewww, You Stepped in Some Pombo

Because so many of us in the Bay Area are represented by the likes of Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Lee, and Lynn Woolsey, there's not much we can do to influence our Congressional representatives to be more progressive (well, some of us like to rail at and write to Senator Useless, but that hasn't proved too productive so far). Matt, an East Bay blogger, has addressed this dilemma by identifying a sufficiently loathsome Republican Congressman lurking on the outer fringes of the region and seeking to unseat him. Hence the blog, Say No To Pombo. Check it out.

As an example of the stench rising from Pombo, check out Kevin Drum. Pombo is so vile that Pete McCloskey, the long retired former Republican Congressman from the Peninsula, is coming out of retirement to challenge him. For all the talk about John McCain being a maverick, McCloskey was the real McCoy.

Update: If you're a Republican who somehow stumbled across this site and you're interested in supporting McCloskey, click here.
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