Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Howard Kurtz, Wanker with an Oak Leaf Cluster

In Kurtz's column today, one reader asks, "Isn't the speaker elected by the WHOLE house?" Kurtz responds, "Actually, the speaker is elected by the majority party."

Another reader calls Kurtz on this, saying, "Actually, the questioner was right, the Speaker is elected by the entire House of Representatives. It is just the case that the majority party has more votes (obviously) and therefore, as long as they all vote for the same person, that person will become Speaker." Kurtz smoothly replied, "Yes, which is why the decision is essentially made by the majority party."

So even though the original reader was correct and Kurtz implied in his answer that he was wrong, Kurtz was really correct because the Speaker isn't elected by those who don't vote for him. Kind of like those who run for public office aren't elected by all the voters, only those who vote for them.

What an ass-clown.
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