Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Senator Useless Strikes Again

When I read in the newspaper over the weekend that Senator Feinstein had grilled General Hayden in hearings before the Senate Intelligence Committee and expressed displeasure over his proud acknowledgement of having overseen a program that illegally spied on millions of Americans, I just knew in the pit of my stomach that the other shoe was soon to drop.

Yesterday it did. Feinstein not only voted with three other Democrats and all Republicans on the committee to move Hayden's nomination to the Senate floor, she praised him while doing it,
“I voted today in the Senate Intelligence Committee to confirm General Michael Hayden as Director of the CIA. I cast this vote first and foremost because General Hayden is a skilled, experienced intelligence professional whom I respect and trust...I believe General Hayden is the leader and honest broker the CIA needs to regain its footing as the world’s premier spy service and the hub of our nation’s intelligence analysis and research and development capabilities. His commitment to place intelligence professionals in the major executive positions, unlike his predecessor, is important to me, and will be welcomed by the CIA workforce."
"Honest broker," shey says. Yes, I suppose if you disregard that whole disregard for the law thing, he might sorta kinda be seen as an honest broker.

Why the hell does anybody ever vote for this woman?
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