Thursday, August 10, 2006

Finally, What I Think of Lebanon

Being one of the lesser liberal blogs, I've finally just now received my kos/atrios email instructing me that I can comment on the Israel-Hezbollah war (and oh, let me pause right here to correct a common misimpression of bloggers on the right - we don't get those memos from kos AND atrios. I mean, come on, we're liberals but even we're not that inefficient; we've learned some things since the 60s. We've got email trees now and the tree splits just above those two eminences. I can't tell you who our grand liberal overlord is, but his first name is angelic and his last name is full of accent marks. And I would never reveal who my contact is; let's just say he's a generik blogger.) So, with that out of the way, here goes:

I wish Hezbollah, a paramilitary proto-terrorist organization based in southern Lebanon, hadn't lobbed missiles into northern Israel, killing dozens of innocent Israeli citizens, including, of coursem women and children. I really wish Israel, a sovereign nation that's "our strongest ally and the only democracy in the middle east" (I'm sorry - my paper has become badly smudged over the years and the headings are unreadable; that may have been a wingnut and not a moonbat talking point. If it is, just mentally delete everything that comes after "nation."), hadn't responded to that by bombing cities, bridges, agricultural workers, and refugees throughout southern Lebanon, killing hundreds of civilians and destroying so much of the nation's infrastracture that the Lebanese have spent years rebuilding after the last time the Israelis destroyed it. (I'm just spitballing here, but it almost seems as if Israel wanted to make sure that any Lebanese who have been born or come of age after the end of its most recent occupation of Lebanon were aware that Israel must be their eternal enemy.) And I really really really wish that the President of the United States and the empty skirt sitting at Foggy Bottom possessed any kind of moral compass at all and would lean on Israel to cease making war on the people and nation of Lebanon for the actions of Hezbollah.

I also wish that Reuters photographers would not doctor their photos to give the impression that Israeli warplanes are firing three rockets when they're really firing only one and to give the impression that the shelling of Beirut has left the city under roiling clouds of black smoke when the smoke is really gray. And I really really wish that Israeli warplanes weren't firing rockets at Beirut in the first place, leaving the city under roiling clouds of smoke of any color.

That is all for now. Back to triviana.
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