Friday, June 30, 2006

Exercises in Insanity

In case anybody has any lingering doubts about whether Adam Yoshida is in fact what the clinical psychologists refer to as "fucking nuts," this should put the matter to rest:
So, this is the situation with regard to the prisoners in Guantanamo:

1) They can’t be put on trial because, in most cases, they probably haven’t committed any crimes under American law and, in any case, it’s doubtful if the evidence collected would stand up to American criminal procedures (to begin with, I doubt if the Special Forces bothered to Mirandaize most of them).
2) They can’t be tried by Military Commission because the Supreme Court says they can’t.
3) They can’t be let go because, in most cases, they’d simply return to terrorism.

So, what is to be done with them? The answer is simple and elegant: kill them. Kill all of them.
There's much more nuttiness in his column (his assertion that he hates war as much as the next person, for example, as well as his dream alliance of an American superpower and British and Japanese empires), but this captures it most succinctly. He recognizes that option 2 is now way out, but somehow thinks that his option, to kill them all, will somehow fly. And once freed from the bonds of reality, he spins further off into space, far away from the constraints of civilization.
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