Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A Bitter Crop, Indeed

A couple of years ago, shortly before the 2004 election, I sold my pick up truck to a man who I was able to determine, after brief exposure, was clearly a Bush supporter. When he commented on the "Bush/Pinochet 2004" bumper sticker on the truck by saying he liked it, I was at first surprised, then concluded that maybe he just didn't know who Pinochet was. In my cloistered world I just assumed that anybody in this country familiar with Pinochet must consider him a monster. As is sadly so often the case, I've apparently once again misunderestimated just how morally depraved some segments of our society are, and even more greatly missed just how broadly that depravity stretches.

It's important to remember, as we struggle to extricate ourselves from Iraq and select our next President that this is the moral compass that guides the most important newspaper in our nation's capital. Any guidance offered by these people must be weighed against that knowledge.
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