Sunday, February 25, 2007

Random Oscar Blogging - Francis Ford Coppola

How's this for a decade of excellence-

Oscar Nominations (*denotes win)

1971 Best Screenplay - Patton*

1973 Best Screenplay - The Godfather*
Best Director - The Godfather

1974 Best Picture - American Graffiti

1975 Best Picture - The Conversation
Best Screenplay - The Conversation
Best Director - The Godfather, Part II*
Best Picture - The Godfather, Part II*
Best Screenplay - The Godfather, Part II*

1980 Best Director - Apocalypse Now
Best Picture - Apocalypse Now
Best Screenplay - Apocalypse Now

I'll take that stretch over the careers of Spielberg and Eastwood. Scorsese, eh, maybe.
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