Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Eat This, Buzz Lightyear

Riding the people mover through the SFO terminal on my way to baggage claim after returning from a week in Kauai, I was in kind of a post vacation funk when something caught my eye that completely lifted my spirits. When I got off the people mover I called my girl friend to come back with me to look at this!

That's just one part of one of the most fantastic toys I had as a child, the Fireball XL5 Space City playset. In addition to that rocket, which has a detachable nose section and opening side doors to expose the transport bay, the set came with people, gas storage tanks, a launchable rocket, personal space vehicles (car and motorcycle-like), and so much more. For a kid of the sixties, before we had actually landed on the moon, this was a great toy, a great way to let the imagination soar out of my bedroom. Thanks to the SFO Airport Museum for bringing those memories back.

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