Sunday, January 09, 2005

Adding Insult to Injury

An errant US 500-pound bomb hit the wrong house in Iraq yesterday, killing 5, according to the US military. Of those 5, seven were children. Apparently the US military counts differently from other people. The house's owner said 14 people were killed by the bomb. An AP photographer provided the figure of 7 children. But what do they know? The owner obviously was an Iraqi and it seems likely that the photographer was too. And you know how those Iraqis are. As the military statement said, "Mulit-National Force Iraqi deeply regrets the loss of possibly innocent lives." You gotta love that. Not even "presumably innocent." We drop a bomb on the wrong house and the best we can say about the victims of our blunder (seven of them children, remember) is that they were "possibly innocent."

Some one tell me again, because I'm fuzzy on the concept; who are we over there to help?
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