Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Bankruptcy Bill

Though it's extremely cynical, this post from Kos is the only rational explanation I've seen for why so many Democrats have ended up supporting the vile bankruptcy reform bill. In a nutshell, according to a Congressional staffer, supporting this kind of legislation can help Dems draw financial support come election time from the banking industry, while, they calculate, costing them few votes from an ignorant, uninformed, and forgetful voting populace. Whether this has been true on issues like this in the past, it's incumbent upon us to not let it be true from now on. Any Dem who supports this bill, to the benefit of those people whose pockets we accuse the Bush Administration of being in and to the detriment of the people the Dems claim to best represent, needs to have a vigorous primary challenger in 2006. If this has been the way politics has worked in the past, it has to stop now. This is not a benign pro-business bill; it is a bill with the potential to push into financial catastrophe m illions of people already squeezed by Bush's soak the poor and middle class to feed the rich policies. These are the people the Republicans quite clearly don't give a damn about. We need to make it clear that we really do care about them.
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