Thursday, April 21, 2005

Right Wing Sanity?

What with all the conservatives pulling out their hair over those nasty liberals and their pie throwing, I was wondering how they would respond to a protestor spitting on Jane Fonda. Michelle Malkin (yes, that Michelle Malkin) gets it right
"Jane Fonda gets spit upon by a tobacco-chewing nutball who stalked her at a book signing. Terrible move. The guy is a coward.

We should never forget the disgraceful treatment Vietnam Veterans received from Fonda's ilk. But engaging in the same tactics to protest her treachery is inexcusable. Start a blog. Write a book. Launch a 527. But spit at a woman and run away? Grow up."

And while I'm apparently feeling sensitive and vulnerable, I might as well get this out of my system, too. Could it be that Adam Yoshida (yes, that Adam Yoshida!) is growing up? In an April 16 blog entry, he actually writes,
"The political internet is the land of the excitable, and I know that I’m as susceptible to it as anyone, it’s a place where politicians careers are declared dead eight thousand times each day and where the smallest of incidents or the tiniest of setbacks can morph into the dawning of the End Times.

Take, for example, the drop in the Dow on Friday. Rational people, I think, understand that Stock Markets go both up and down. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t serve their purpose. Sane people, I think, realize that the Dow can be down a hundred on Friday and up two hundred on Monday or, well, whatever. But the internet is not conducive to sanity.

I couldn’t count the number of times last yeah when I saw either Bush or Kerry proclaimed as “finished” (admittedly, several hundred of the times for the latter spewed from my own keyboard)."

"As much as I admire the President and his team, even I have to admit that there’s something disturbing about them standing in front of a banner with some simplistic regurgitation of their policy scrawled across it eight thousand times (“Defending America From Foreign Aggression”, “Sound Energy and Whale Oil Policy”, etc.)."

Now, back to our regularly scheduled wingnut bashing.
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