Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Jonah the Fool

Jonah Goldberg, at the Corner, writes, "As someone who subscribes to the view that liberalism is a secular religion, it is very frustrating that liberal politicians do not offer up a paper trail for people to scrutinize the way conservatives do."

Poor boy. He's decided that liberalism is a "secular religion," then is frustrated that this "religion" that he's conjured up in his imagination lacks sacred texts that he can analyze. As is so often the case with his kind, he is unable to draw an analogy between those who are liberal and those who are conservative. Though conservatives' political views may be guided in part by their religious beliefs, something he no doubt knows, he is blind to the notion that the same can apply to liberals. Because the religious beliefs of liberals lead them to view life and politics differently than do those of conservatives, Goldberg concludes that these religious beliefs aren't valid, that liberals lack a religion other than the undefined and illegitimate "secular religion" he has chosen to assign to them. And, of course, because this "religion" doesn't really exist except in Jonah's overanxious imagination, it lacks a sacred text, a Torah, a Bible, a Koran, that he could pore over to see if the religion's practitioners are abiding by it. Yes, poor boy.

This pretty well sums up the worldview of Republicans, doesn't it; they become vexed when the fog clears enough to reveal to them that there is no evidence to support their make-believe world. They then curse reality, rather than adjusting their perception.



Thursday, November 15, 2007

Censuring Senator Feinstein

Are you a California Democrat who would like to see the California Democratic Party censure Dianne Feinstein for, well, for being a Republican? Then check out this petition.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Senator Useless

God damn Diane Feinstein to hell.

And, as offensive as Feinstein is, what happened, as Glenn Greenwald asks, to the need for 60 votes to pass anything in the Senate? What good has it done us to have a Democratic majority in the Senate? What have they done to keep Bush from getting anything he wants? And what are the Democrats going to do to earn my vote in 2008 and when are they going to start doing that?

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Why the Horse Race?

Via Bob Somerby's incomparable Daily Howler, I bring you this Q&A from the New York Times...

The Horse Race

Q: I am deeply disturbed by what I believe is true — the press, liberal and conservative — pays far more attention to the horse race aspects of
the 2008 primary campaign than it does to the specifics of what each candidate is proposing and how this fits with past actions and statements. Why is that?
Jerry Bakker
Grand Haven, Mich.

Katharine Q. Seelye, political reporter:
Hi Jerry,
It’s a good question that we don’t stop often enough to ask ourselves. But a recent study has documented what you believe to be true. In the first five months of this year, almost two-thirds of the mainstream media campaign coverage was devoted to the horse race (and subsidiaries thereof, like polls, tactics and fund-raising).
Why do we do it? Lots of reasons. I’ll start with the obvious: We can’t help ourselves! It’s instinctive. The term horse race reflects
what everyone wants to know: who’s winning?
Another reason: It’s easier. It takes time and patience to dig through records, to get answers from candidates that go beyond spin
and talking points. And often, candidates don’t want to be pinned down, especially on where they will find the money to pay for all of the wonderful plans they are proposing.

Seelye goes on with other reasons that are mostly bullshit, but she copped to the two primary reasons the media covers elections as a horse race; because it's easier than covering them substantively, to analyze issues and to point out when candidates say things that are demonstrably factually untrue, and because they can't help themselves.

And these are the people who are the guardians of our public discourse. I suppose we should give her some credit for candor.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I Must Have Done Something Right

I find myself feeling strangely proud of something that I really had little to do with. UC Santa Cruz has been labeled by David Horowitz "the worst school in America." If that's not a tremendous endorsement, coming from him, I don't know what is. And I'm the proud father of a freshman Banana Slug.

I had nothing to do with her school selection. I just wound her up for 18 years, let her go, and that's where she ended up.

Feinstein Votes With Republicans to Send Mukaskey Nomination to Full Senate

The latest, in a long and growing line, piece of evidence that Diane Feinstein is a worthless piece of shit.

Please, some California Democrat out there tell me, why have you ever voted for this woman, and why would you continue to do so?


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