Sunday, February 25, 2007

Random Oscar Blogging - Francis Ford Coppola

How's this for a decade of excellence-

Oscar Nominations (*denotes win)

1971 Best Screenplay - Patton*

1973 Best Screenplay - The Godfather*
Best Director - The Godfather

1974 Best Picture - American Graffiti

1975 Best Picture - The Conversation
Best Screenplay - The Conversation
Best Director - The Godfather, Part II*
Best Picture - The Godfather, Part II*
Best Screenplay - The Godfather, Part II*

1980 Best Director - Apocalypse Now
Best Picture - Apocalypse Now
Best Screenplay - Apocalypse Now

I'll take that stretch over the careers of Spielberg and Eastwood. Scorsese, eh, maybe.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Club Your Brother

I don't know if there are some messages I was predisposed to get or if it was what I recall being an emphasis on the New Testament, but it seems to me that when I was going to Sunday School back in the sixties and early seventies the predominant theme was that we were to love our brother and spread peace and goodwill.

That's why I'm perplexed that regular church goers in this country or more likely to support war than the rest of the polulation?

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Priorities, People

Clemson University is reviewing its admissions process because two highly prized football recruits were denied admission, opening up the University to abuse from fans on the local sports talk shows.

I don't wish to suggest that there's anything untoward about changing your schools admissions policies because some mesomorph couldn't get in, but I don't recall ever reading anywhere about any university reviewing its policies because a highly recruited chemistry student didn't quite qualify. I'm sure that happens all the time; that's why it doesn't make the news.



Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Spare Me the Unkindest Cut

I was already pretty fond of the current arrangement, but here's one more reason not to have a vasectomy.
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