Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Things I Don't Miss

Pops' Bucket got a link from T-Bogg a week or so ago, so my little plug here will have a negligible effect on his traffic, but Pops has become one of my daily reads so I thought I'd steer you all over that way.

In a previous incarnation of me from this life I had the pleasure of being a step-father to two boys, four years apart (that would be from each other, not from me). Apparently some behaviors appear wherever there are two or more male siblings in the house. As Pops describes it,
"My boys...spend all their free time walking around each other in a slow circle executing a complicated series of feints in order to make the other commit so they can then scream 'Daaaaaaad, heeeeeee staaaarrted iiit!' before commencing with the pummeling."
That's pretty much how I remember it, too.
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